Millwall Community Trust - Millwall Street Soccer Academy

Millwall Community Trust - Millwall Street Soccer Academy

Millwall Community Trust’s (MCT) ‘Millwall Street Soccer Academy’ in partnership with the Street Soccer Foundation is well underway at the Lion’s Centre.

The nationally acclaimed flagship programme, the 'Street Soccer Academy', established by The Street Soccer Foundation, is the number one football-led project tackling youth homelessness in England. Their Academy programme provides a fusion of football coaching, mindset training, skills, and employability workshops – with mentoring support; to help instil greater confidence and self-belief in young people by helping to improve their mental health and wellbeing.

The ten-week programme at MCT aims to provide an opportunity for 18–30-year-olds who are currently homeless or not in education, employment, or training to learn new life and employability skills.

Each week our expert staff focus on different topics and football coaching that allow the young individuals to believe in themselves, take positive action and encourages them to change their lives for the better.

The academy provides an educational space for young people to learn and openly discuss topics. Led by Sian Fitzpatrick of the Millwall Lionesses, this week's topic was ‘Attitude and Mindset’. The topic teaches individuals to reflect on where they are at this point in life, focusing on how they can take steps to build their confidence and take actions to improve the situation around them, encouraging them to change their lives for the better. This positive mindset coaching teaches them 3 different types of mindsets, and all about:

  1. Shutting down negative thoughts
  2. Surrounding themselves with positivity
  3. Learning to say “NO”
  4. Changing how they see themselves
  5. Setting goals for yourself
  6. Being grateful and helpful

Sean Daly, CEO of the Community Trust, said: “It’s great to see how the academy has already benefited the local community. The young adults on the programme are enjoying what it has to offer, they are obtaining new skills and being motivated to have a positive mindset that will help them further progress in life. We look forward to holding more sessions."

The street soccer academy will continue for the next few weeks, where young people will delve into their work and career options, digital skills, and so much more. The academy is working to motivate those taking part to be able to move into work, education, or further training following programme completion.

To register your interest for future Millwall Street Soccer Academy, please email Sean Daly [email protected]