We use the power of sport to improve the lives of people in Lewisham, Southwark and the wider Millwall Community

Some of our programmes

Millwall Premier League Kicks

An opportunity for young people aged 8-19 years to take part in constructive activities, including a wide variety of sports, coaching, music and educational and personal development sessions. Premier League Kicks is one of the Premier League's flagship community programmes and is joint funded by Sport England.



Schools Coaching

Sports Coaching for all ability levels (Primary, Secondary and SEN Schools - all year groups, boys and girls) that introduces and develops basic techniques, associated skills, game play, team fundamentals and rules of the game whilst having the most fun possible.



London Premier League Kicks

The MOPAC programme at Millwall Community Trust is delivered in a unique way to both Lewisham & Southwark. The project across both boroughs is a targeted provision, to create positive interventions for some of the most vulnerable young people within our communities.


Author: Anthony McHugh

Pan Disability

Our Pan Disability programme is open to anyone with a disability and allows them to get involved with sport and become part of the Millwall Lion Hearts. This programme aims to allow individuals to gain a positive experience from football whilst promoting a positive attitude.


Author: Charlie Compitus

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  • Community Development

    Millwall Community Trust (MCT) uses football and what it regards as the unique passion of Millwall Football Club to connect with and inspire communities, whether they be neighbours or supporters with historical ties to the area and club. Read more

  • MCT Sky Dive

    A message from Andy Curtis: "Through my work here at Millwall Community Trust I have chosen to help raise money for a great cause by jumping out of a plane from 12,000 feet." Read more

Latest News

  • Local Youth Engagement

    • On average, each participant engages in over 13 hours of activity delivered by the Trust. 95% of participants are under the age of 25 and are reflective of the wider demographic profile of Lewisham and Southwark. Read more

  • Battling Urban Deprivation

    • 50% of participants who engage with the Trust live in neighbourhoods amongst the top 20% most deprived in the UK and 77% live in the top 30%. During 2015 362 people were formally referred onto Trust programmes by agencies such as Lewisham Youth Offending Service, probation service and youth service. Read more

  • Reaching Out

    • The MCT has access to groups of people that other mainstream agencies struggle to engage with, using programmes such as Kicks. This enables the Trust to work with some of the most disadvantaged young people in the area and allows MCT to add value where many other agencies have failed to deliver. Read more

  • St Paul's Stadium

    The Millwall Community Trust are now partnering with local Southern Counties East League club, Fisher F.C with the management of the St. Paul’s stadium in Rotherhithe. Millwall and Fisher both share a passion and understanding for how sport can play a pivotal role in developing relationships within the local community and improving public health. Read more