Millwall Community Trust - Celebrating International Women's Day

Millwall Community Trust - Celebrating International Women's Day

To celebrate International women’s day today , Lionesses First Team goalkeeper and Millwall Community Trust Ambassador Kelly Webster discusses the importance of her work at the Trust.

Kelly can you give us details on your background?

I was brought up in a pretty normal family with one brother. Me and my brother Lee was both put into Karate at a young age. My Mum did try and get me into ballet but I was having none of it even with my dad dressing up in a tutu I knew it wasn’t for me. I became a first Dan black belt age 10. I started playing football when I was about 8 with my cousin Amanda it was more 5 aside then went into 11 aside. As I got older things happened where I didn’t stay at home anymore and moved into a hostel after a brief time on the streets. I finally got my own place in 2002 where I still live today. I now have had my job at Royal Mail 14 years. From where I have come to now I am proud of myself and shows hard work does pay off.

What was your decision to get involved in the Trust?

I decided to get involved in the trust after doing the Santa dash in 2019. After talking to Sean Daly about all the work that is done in the community. Sean asked me if I would like to be an ambassador for the trust as he thought I would be good at it.

Celebrating international women’s day who inspired you when growing up?

What a great question. I would have to say Princess Diana the way she was with people and how she wanted to help anyone she could. Her smile was infectious and she lit rooms up with her presence. Princess Diana helped so many people and though sadly she isn’t here anymore her name lives on and others continue the work she started.

With the great work you do at the trust how would you like to see the Community Trust develop?

The community trust already does so much in the community with a vast amount of programmes for all ages. I would like to see the work that is being done by the community trust recognised more. The only way I feel like I want the community trust to develop more is for more people to get involved and build a bigger community spirit.