Millwall FC Go Back To School For World Book Day

  • 11/03/2019

Last week saw Millwall FC’s Shane Ferguson head to St James’ School and Tom Elliot go to Riverside School, both in Bermondsey, to join in their World Book Day celebrations.

Shane and Tome were involved in group reading sessions as well as appearing in a school assembly.

World Book Day, which takes place each year, encourages children of all ages to use books not just as a way of developing their literacy skills, but also to encourage more children to pick up books and enjoy reading!

As part of World Book Day, millions of book tokens are given out to children across the country, allowing children to get a book free of charge, making the joy of reading open and accessible to all.

Sean Daly, Football Development Manager, said: “It’s fantastic to see Shane and Tom represent Millwall FC in the local community, especially on an occasion as important as World Book Day.

“Reading is not just a vital life skill, but a passion that should be discovered and explored at an early age.

“At MCT, we’re keen to promote not just healthy bodies, but healthy minds as well, and the work done around World Book Day is a key part of that.”

Check out some more photos from the day below!