Millwall Community Trust – Aiden O’Brien Community player of the year

  • 30/06/2020

Aiden O’ Brien won this seasons PFA Community Champion award for his commitment in the community via the Millwall Community Trust .

Aiden has been an ambassador for the community trust since August 2019 and has immersed himself in a range of MCT projects and made a huge impact especially around the alternative provision schools programme.The aim of the alternative programme is to to enage with young people that are vunerable to be victim of criminality, being excluded from school or struggle with their attitude towards education. The young people on the programme are afforded a platform to discuss their issues with postive role models that are coaches for the community trust.

During his visit to the alternative provision schools programme Aiden shared his expreinces growing up, the journey he took and how he countered the positive and negative situations he found himself in during his formative years as a young man.

Aiden said: “I made it as a proffesional footballer and now I want to give back. The young people may look up to me. They might say “he’s done it, he’s been there so why not take a leaf out of his book and listen to him.I’ve been there and know exactly what goes on and exactly how it feels. Some young people may feel trapped and feel like they can’t get out of that kind of enviroment.”

Having been chosen as Millwall’s PFA social inclusion and crime reduction Ambassador, Aiden has promoted education and inclusion issues through his support of programmes that are held at the lions centre each week.

Sean Daly CEO stated: “ Aiden has been very supportive towards the work the Trust completes in the community, and his weekly visits to our sessions has been a great impact on the young people attending,  Aiden has used his only life experiences to inspire these young people”.