The Millwall Community Trust donated old Millwall football kits to local young people who attend Millwall Premier League Kicks . The programme that targets young people aged from 8 to 19 throughout Lewisham and Southwark, will see in excess of 50 young people benefit from receiving a kit as a reward for regular attendance and positive behavior.


Premier League Kicks began in 2006 and is one of the Premier League's flagship community programmes, joint funded by Sport England with the aim of using football to bring communities together. There are now 56 Premier League and Football League clubs delivering the programme across the country. The success of Kicks is highlighted by the fact the programme has engaged with in excess of 150,000 young people over the last 10 years.

Coaches at the Kicks session Chan Quan and Thang Nguyen commented:

“The speed of the growth of the session since the session started back up has been amazing. The talent alone has blown us away but the commitment to the session is what has really impressed us. The young people are always on time and are always willing to learn which makes our jobs easier. They make the work we do enjoyable.”

Millwall began their Kicks journey in January 2007 with the first selected venue being the Damilola Taylor Centre in Peckham. The session still runs today, nine years on from it’s beginning and remains a very popular provision for the young people of Peckham. Being the first ever Millwall Kicks session meant that it would only be logical that the DTC venue benefit from this free kit opportunity.

Another selected venue by the Kicks programme was the Goldsmiths Community Centre in based in Catford, Lewisham. The session has grown from strength to strength over the past few months and has seen young people who attend the session treated to two football tournaments during the summer period as well as a stadium tour of The Emirates, the home of Arsenal FC.

Prokash Nemwan, one of the participants at the Goldsmiths sessions said:

“Since Millwall came back to the Goldsmiths weve had sessions every week which have helped us improve as players and we’ve been taken across London for tournaments against other Kicks clubs. The Kicks session helps keep us busy and we can have fun together with friends in the area. It was great to be given kit as we can wear them to our sessions which makes it look more professional.”

The other sessions that were lucky enough to receive kit through the Premier League Kicks programme were the Friday Night Kicks at the Millwall Community Trust Lions Centre, which has been running for nine years, and Cossall Park which has been ongoing for more than a year now.

Gary Otim, Kicks Community Development Officer at the MCT commented:

“Having once been a participant on the Millwall Kicks programme I can recall when we were given our own Millwall Kicks tops. It was such a great feeling to be able to wear a top that had the Millwall lion on it.  We considered giving the old kits away but after discussing the matter with our coaches decided that sharing out the kits between our sessions would be us making best use of them whilst benefiting the young people who have played a major part in the work we try to do within our local community.”

Millwall Community Trust will continue provide a wide range of weekly football sessions across the boroughs of Southwark and Lewisham under the Premier League Kicks programme.

For more information about the Millwall Premier League Kicks programme, please call 020 7740 0503 or follow the Kicks programme on the Twitter via @Millwall_Kicks.