“This is a great way for older people like myself to stay fit while meeting new friends and maybe trying something new.”

                                                                         Dave Cusack (age 60) – former Millwall player

What is this?

The Walking Sports for Older people sessions provide an opportunity for older people in Lewisham & Southwark to get out and about and meet other people while having fun through taking part in sporting activities.

The activities help stimulate the mind, develop balance and hand-eye co-ordination,
 whilst also supporting older people and those with mental health difficulties or limited mobility. They may also help those with dementia to stay fit and healthy.

The sessions are also designed for the group to socialise with others over tea, coffee and biscuits before and after each activity.        


Who’s it for?

 Men and Women aged 35+


When does it happen?

Tuesdays & Fridays 11.30am - 12.30pm (Walking Football) - Lions Centre.
Fridays 10am-12pm - Docklands Settlements, Rotherhithe.


Dockland Settlements Rotherhithe, 400 Salter Road, SE16 5LJ

Who’s in charge?

Richard White  -  [email protected] 07958 026876  (Rotherhithe sessions)
Dean Palmer   -  [email protected] 07984 033221

How much does it cost?

Free of charge

How do I book?

Just turn up