Trust announce annual “Community Day” date

  • 13/01/2020

Millwall FC’s fixture on Saturday 14th March against Wayne Rooney’s Derby County, will play host to Millwall’s annual “Community Day” where Millwall Community Trust will showcase the range of programmes that the club offers to the local community.

In the build-up to the game, the Trust will use the Lions centre and some of the club’s car park, to showcase a small part of their work in the local community. In the Lions centre, Millwall community trust’s team will play their Derby county counterparts.

In the car park, partner organisations of the Trust and club, will have stalls to showcase their work in conjunction with Millwall FC .Participants of MCT National Citizen Service (NCS) and Millwall FC RTC girls team players will work alongside volunteers from other projects to drive a stadium-wide bucket collection to raise funds for the charity.

SE16 Bus stop will see local band Deptford Rascals play before the game, Limited edition Community Trust wristbands and t-shirts will be given out around the stadium.

The community action will continue on the pitch as the Millwall RTC girl players will provide a guard of honour.

Sean Daly, Millwall Community Trust CEO said: “We want to build on the success of last year’s community day, showcasing the great work the Club does in the community, this is also a way to thank all who support the Trust; from players and club staff to fans, partners and the local community. As a self-financing charity, events like Community Day are so important in allowing us to continue our work in the local community, so please come and join in the celebrations.”