Tom King visits Turnham Academy on EFL Day of Action

  • 21/03/2019

Millwall Football Club and Tom King paid a visit to Turnham Academy in Brockley on Tuesday afternoon as the EFL celebrated their ‘Day of Action’.

The EFL Day of Action showcases work that all League clubs do in their respective communities, and the goalkeeper visited the school to take part in a P.E. lesson, coached by Millwall Community Trust staff member Charlie Pearce.

Sean Daly, Football Development Manager, said: “It’s fantastic to see Tom out in our local community as part of the EFL’s day of action.

“Our schools’ provision offers a range of activities, including breakfast and afterschool clubs, as well as help with planning and delivering PE lessons.

“We have a very successful partnership with Turnham academy, and look forward to continuing working together in the future!”

Turnham Academy is only the second Academy in the Borough of Lewisham, and you can find out more about the school by clicking here or following @TurnhamPrimary on Twitter.