National Apprenticeship Week

  • 08/02/2020

February 1st – February 9th is National Apprenticeship Week in the UK.

We sat down with our recreation officer Zak Jaques ,who is currently completing a Level 3 business and administration apprenticeship, to ask him about his apprenticeship and allow others to learn more about this pathway.

  • What apprenticeship did you do and how did you get into it?
I am currently doing a Level 3 Business Administration Apprenticeship. I got this apprenticeship through Millwall Community Trust and their Education & Employment team.
  • How do you think doing an apprenticeship has benefited you?
I believe that doing an apprenticeship has benefitted me through the ability to be in a workplace whilst also still studying different aspects of a business and then utilising what I have learnt and applying it to my work at Millwall Community Trust.
  • By completing this apprenticeship do you feel as though you have gained valuable experience from working at Millwall at the same time?
I believe that I have gained valuable experience from working at Millwall whilst also completing my apprenticeship. It has allowed me to gain the work experience that I may otherwise not have been able to gain due to the fact that I had no previous work experience prior to my apprenticeship. This lack of experience is something that I believe affects many young people especially those that, much like myself, do not immediately go in to further education after completing their GCSE’s.
  • Would you recommend others to do take the same or similar path as you have? and why?​​
I would definitely recommend others to take a similar path due to the fact that you earn whilst you learn, not just financially but through experience too which I believe to be more important in today’s work environment. Through my apprenticeship I have learned that Business Administration is more than just sitting in an office filing information and answering phone calls as I first assumed. I have learned about different Legislations and how they affect my work role, the different roles and structures of organisations and how different aspects of a business are more closely linked with each other than you’d expect.