Millwall Community Trust – Catch up with MCT’s Divert Officer Tom Rolt

  • 13/05/2020

Despite lockdown contiuing the work for Millwall Community Trust staff hasn’t stopped. We held a Q&A with our Divert Officer Tom Rolt to find out how he’s coping with lockdown and his Divert programme has contuined to help it’s clients!


1. How are you finding life during lockdown?

– My motto has been batten down the hatches, stay focused, and keep busy.

2. What has your routine been during lockdown?

– I have tried to keep a degree of normality with my days ensuring I exercise, read, walk the dog and complete a set amount of work tasks during a day.

3. How have you managed to stay positive (if you have during this period)?

– I believe that we as a nation and as individuals have no choice but to stay positive. The COVID-19 pandemic has been and continues to be an unprecedented time which has completely changed life as we know it. However, time moves on and situations always improve with time – I believe that your mindset plays a big part in your application to life and how it ultimately evolves.

4. How have you kept your respective programmes in action during lockdown?

– I have been as proactive and practical as possible by staying in regular contact with my current cohort of clients and maintaining the positivity and momentum of engagement. I have also used the time to reconnect with clients who have accessed the programme previously.

5. Have you engaged in upskilling of any kind?

– CPD no, but in relation to personal development I have read several books.

6. How you feel about having no football to watch or take part in? 

– No football has been the least of our woes at the current time and it hasn’t really been high on my list of misses. When the beautiful game does return I of course will be delighted but until then we must persevere, adhere to restrictions and support the NHS.

7. What you’re looking forward to doing post lockdown?

– A cheeky Nandinos (Nandos) with the boys and getting back to work doing what I do best.