Millwall FC and MCT launch new partnership with African Adventures

Millwall FC and MCT launch new partnership with African Adventures

Millwall Football Club and Millwall Community Trust are delighted to be working with African Adventures to offer Lions supporters a unique opportunity to volunteer at educational projects in Kenya in October 2020 - and you are invited to join the team!

African Adventures is a volunteer travel company that works with 25 community projects in Africa.

The projects they are partnered with – primarily schools – are located in developing areas of Ghana, Kenya and Zanzibar. African Adventures provides the resources they need to grow, whilst organising challenging and rewarding group volunteer trips for schools, charitable and Community Trusts, and youth organisations.

African Adventures takes on the dual role of tour operator and development agency. Their focus is on improving access to education within their host communities, where many families cannot afford the costs involved in attending school – in doing so, changing lives for future generations. At the same time, volunteers experience cultural exchange and sustainable development in action.

African Adventures is a signatory to the United Nations Global Compact, aligning their work to the UN Sustainable Development Goals: the blueprint to achieve a better, more sustainable future. Their commitment to supporting the Sustainable Development Goals – related to people, planet, prosperity, peace, and partnership – gives their work real focus and meaning.

Millwall Football Club's 10-night trip is taking place in October 2020. Volunteers on the trip can help teach in classrooms, coach sports, and build new classrooms, kitchens and other key infrastructure projects that will enhance the learning environment. In addition, the team of volunteers will be seeing the magnificent sights of Kenya on an adventure day that includes a safari, a visit to the equator and a hike down one of deepest waterfalls in East Africa.

Millwall will be hosting an information evening before The Lions' home League match against Wigan Athletic on Tuesday 26th November, at 5pm in the Lions Centre, for anyone who is interested in getting involved in this unique opportunity. This will include more information on an itinerary and the cost of the trip.

To find out more information - and to register your interest - visit

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