Toddler Soccer

  • 03/02/2020

Millwall Community Trust will be launching the new blocks of sessions of “Toddler soccer” at the lions Centre every Saturday 9.30-10.30am starting 29th February 2020.

Toddler Soccer is a great introduction to football, helping children aged 3-4 to interact with their peers from a very young age.

It is a fun-based concept aimed at encouraging all aspects of mental and physical development using football as the tool.

Every activity is intended to improve motor skills, balance, co-ordination and agility. The object of the programme is to create a fun and playful, but also educational atmosphere, developing basic skills of dribbling, passing and control.

First step into developing core football skills. The fundamental challenge (age 3-5) focuses on:

•             Fundamental skills

•             Ball mastery

•             Social development

•             Game understanding