Post-16 Academy Team Flying High

  • 25/03/2019
Our Post-16 Academy team are in top form, as they head into the third round of the EFL Cup!
Here’s a quick rundown of the team’s run in the tournament so far!.
1st round EFL Cup:
Beat Aston Villa 7-1 at home. A come for table game with the game being won by the 1st half with Millwall going into the second half 6-0 up and Jack Parker our prolific striker getting on the score sheet four times by the end of the game.
2nd round EFL Cup:
After a long four hour journey traveling to play Birmingham away, the boys started the game sluggishly and went into the second half 2-0 down. With a bit a reshuffling and a well thought out game plan by academy Manager Solomon Taiwo, Millwall clawed the back and in the final minutes got a winner through Jack Parker.
Stand out players:
Jack Parker – Jack Parker who has contributed over 30 goals in all competitions this season has been pivotal to the team’s success and has also been a pleasure off the pitch.
Charlie Petrucci – Charlie who is now in his second has again made countless match changing saves to help us remain competitive in games throughout the season. And like Jack, Charlie is a pleasure away from football helping with many other projects.
Dave Haider – Dave has improved dramatically over the season in his 1st year and has made himself an integral part of the team with his, strength, speed to dribble past players.
Charlie Ashford – Charlie has helped the team massively with his leadership and has commanded the defence to many clean sheets. Charlie has also coached on many of our programs and represented himself and MCT very well.