Millwall Community Trust – Catch up with MCT Ambassador Kelly Webster

  • 24/06/2020
1. How are you finding life during lockdown?
I think like most people it has been pretty difficult. My day job I work for Royal Mail and with everyone ordering more stuff online it has been like Christmas everyday for us. I was supposed to get married a few weeks ago and that was all cancelled due to COVID 19. But the main thing is we are fit and well and I am sure it will happen soon.
2. What’s your routine been during lockdown?
My routine at the moment is have breakfast and then head off to work for the day. Normally finish at around 7 and then head home to have dinner. In the week I don’t really have much time for anything else.

3. How have you managed to stay positive? 
I am a very positive person and takes a lot to get me down. However, I was pretty upset about my wedding being cancelled but I know there are people in a lot worse position than me. For me, I just try and help people or put a smile on there face. Everyone is in the situation together and the best way forward is to get through this is together.
4. Have you engaged in upskilling of any kind?
I haven’t really had much time to do any upskilling. I didn’t do my recertification of my safe guarding for my coaching course. However, I was able to take par in 21 bridges which was in memory of Jimmy Mizen. This is normally an annual event but due to everything going on it wasn’t going to go  ahead. So I messaged the Mizen family to ask if they would mind me doing it and they was so happy and thankful. The walk starts at Richmond rugby club then travels along and over 21 bridges of the Thames finishing at Tower bridge. The walk is about 22 miles and I ended up raising just over £1200 for the Mizen foundation.
5. What are you looking forward to doing once lockdown is fully eased?
There are a few things that I am really looking forward to once lockdown is fully eased. One is getting back to training and being with my team mates at the Lionesses as I have missed them all so much. I also can’t wait to see the men’s team play as I am a season ticket holder and love being at the den. The other thing I love is the seaside so I am looking forward to getting to the beach and having a swim in the sea.
6. How do you feel about having no football?
It has been hard as that is my release from day to day life but everyone’s safety and well being comes first in my eyes.
7. How have the Millwall Lionesses kept team cohesion during this period?
We all stay in contact through are Whatsapp group and talk to each other when we can on house party and a few other app’s. There’s a bond between us all that can’t be broken just because we can’t see each other at the moment. I am sure when the new season starts people will see how close we all are as that will be shown on the pitch.
8. What are your thoughts on the return of football in England this month?
I truly can’t wait I love watching football so it is going to be great to get to watch some as much as it is going to be on tv and no fans at the ground it is a good start. Millwall were doing so well in the Championship so I really hope they can finish the season in style and show some true, pride passion and fight.
9. What steered your decision to become an MCT ambassador?
It was a very easy decision for me to make as I love Millwall with all my heart and has been there for me through some very tough times in my life. Millwall is a family to me and I really want to help in anyway I can. It is an honour to be an ambassador and something that I am very proud of.
I really hope everyone is keeping well and looking forward to seeing people at some of the Lionesses games. Stay safe everyone. Kelly.