One of UK Sports’ main objectives is to encourage more females to take up sport and physical activity. By promoting showcase events like ‘This Girl Can Box’, it will demonstrates that sports such as boxing are not ‘just for the boys’, and help inspire the next generation of female talent.

As part of the campaign for the show, and its bid to raise awareness, London Boxing will be promoting the show in various All Girls schools in the borough such as Prendergast, Sydenham Secondary School and Catford Girl’s School offering FREE tickets to students in the process.

This Girl can Box will be a double header in partnership with the, Double Jab ABC who will have up to 15 bouts in the first half of the show.

Double Jab, who are based in Lewisham, have for the past several years run their ‘Jab don’t Stab’ campaign, which is an important, successful initiative and has been positively engaging young people, who are vulnerable to gang culture and peer pressure, promoting sporting discipline and healthier lifestyle choices.

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