Our England leaders outline four steps to safeguarding...

Millwall Football Club acknowledges its Safeguarding responsibility, the well-being and safety of every child and young person who is training, on trial or registered as a student as reference to the FA document guidelines is of paramount importance. It does so, in the belief that placing their welfare at the centre of its concerns provides a solid foundation for personal development and effective Child Protection practice.

All staff and volunteers at the Club, who are involved with children and young persons, take complaints seriously and report them to a Welfare Officer or DSO. Students have direct access to Welfare Officers and DSO’s and complaints will always be acknowledged and logged.

Millwall Football Club aims to create an environment which is attractive to both players and parents. The Club is a place where parents know that regardless of the level of success achieved their child will gain invaluable education and advice, which will give them a platform from which to make sound life style choices in the future.

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