Over the past three weeks young people from the London Premier League Kicks (MOPAC) project, have engaged in positive learning with the Restorative Approaches Training which has led to over 20 individuals gaining qualifications.

Developing Community activities for Youth at Risk Level 1 Award and Restorative Approaches Training were delivered to a targeted group of inspired young people. This is part of an on-going mentoring scheme on the MOPAC project. The benefits of the qualification are to create a pathway towards employment, develop a stronger CV and act as a stepping-stone towards a Level 2 award.

The Restorative Approaches Training is focussed on developing valuable skills through mediation in a controlled environment. These environments are aimed at allowing victims and perpetrators to resolve conflict peacefully and civilly. The skills, knowledge and experience gained help develop a sense of confidence and positivity that these young people can take with them and positively impact their local community.

At the Millwall Community Trust we believe that there is huge significance on, ‘Making Success Achievable’. This is especially true with our youngsters in the community therefore creating safe learning environments that allow for engaging conversation is vitally important.

Tom Rolt, our Community Development Officer, commended on the recent achievements by saying, “Watching our young people learn, develop and succeed is a true blessing. The youth of today apply themselves positively and do great things. But these positive happenings are not celebrated enough. We as a community should be proud of the recent achievement these young people have made”.

For any further information regarding the London Premier League Kicks (MOPAC) project please contact Millwall Community Trust on 020 7740 0503.