MCT delivers a wide range of inclusive sports in a safe and structured environment at local facilities such as estates and sports centres to help increase life skills, increase participation in education, employment and training for ages 8 to 24

Our staff, volunteers, and the young people we engage with, are provided with the knowledge and key skills to increase their understanding and confidence which empowers them to make efficient decisions in real life issues and situations.

The Trust works with a wide range of different partnership agencies both on a national and local level to help make a positive contribution locally. We deliver this fantastic work through;

  • Football youth engagement programmes designed to engage with local young people
  • Deliver diversionary activities for young people in some of the most hard to reach communities in the country
  • Provide free activities that take place in priority areas to help reduce youth crime and anti-social behaviour at key times and days of the week including evenings and weekends which help keep young people away from harmful influences
  • Support young people who are either in a gang or deemed at risk of becoming involved in crime and offer people the opportunity to turn away from gang life
  • Deliver training courses and educational workshops to enhance young people’s knowledge and understanding on selected subjects and also to gain accredited qualifications.
  • Help break down barriers between police and young people

Should you wish to speak to someone within our team about our community development programmes andoppituntiies then please call, 0207-740-0503 or contact;

Richard White – Community Development & Health Improvement Manager          

[email protected]                                                                                                                           

Tom Rolt – Community Development Officer                                                                                   

[email protected] 

Gary Otim – Kicks Community Development Officer  

[email protected]