With help from Technical Surfaces our 3G AstroTurf pitch is receiving a much needed revival for future use. The team is re-compacting and granulating the pitch, which will mean that after completion the area will be near brand new. Our AstroTurf is one of the most popular areas of our facility often with a heavy, daily schedule wearing away the pitch. Therefore this revival of the pitch allows for our great sessions to continue and for people to carry on having fun.

Our Operational's Manager, Andy Curtis had this to say;

Revite is a dry weather process, is designed to augment any ongoing maintenance programme and should ideally be carried out annually each summer. The process removes the top 5-10mm of infill, cleans this through a series of filters and vacuums before redistributing it back to the surface. The process dramatically slows down the ageing process of a surface, and returns the 3g to a more playable surface.

Our dedication to ensuring our facilities are always at the highest possible quality guarantees an enjoyable experience for anyone attending a session.